Wednesday, April 27, 2016

It's getting harder to post...

To be honest.

Because for once, not much is going on. 

- Work has been really good. I had my first official sale. 
- Things with Colin and Dave are awesome.
- I am happy and healthy and so is my family.

Having a positive attitude through all of this has truly been difficult, but the more things return to normal, the easier it's gotten. I feel like I can breathe again.

I've since had an appointment with my neurologist and she's upgraded me to the "yearly" visit instead of every 6 months. You know another thing that's amazing? I haven't been having any headaches other than a few sinus-related  head pressure. I've had to migraines since I had meningitis (and that was non-neurologically linked). I honestly don't think that's ever happened to me since I started getting headaches around 8 years old. 

This is my new normal. And I'm okay with it. 

Sunday, January 17, 2016


I drove with Colin finally. Finally.

Dave was traveling, his parents were gone and so were mine. I was the option. And you know what? It went totally fine. Colin made it to and from school safely. Just as I knew he would. 

Dave and I talked and I am getting the key fab for school back from his mom, so when he travels, Colin and I will stay home and I will take him. 

Things are finally returning to normal - after all of this time. Colin and I can have a normal life, finally. 


Monday, November 2, 2015

Changing things...

Okay. I'll debrief you quickly. I saw my neurologist in mid-September and she decided to lower my Lamictal XR since we are now using my Keppra XR as the regulatory drug. So, for the past few weeks, I've been taking:

Lamictal XR 200mg 2x/daily
Keppra XR 1250mg 2x/daily
Zonegran 25mg at night 

So far, still feeling good about my decisions. It feels good to be somewhat back to normal. However, it's November and I'm still not driving with Colin. Ugh. 

I'm going to reopen the discussion with Dave during the holidays and have him put the car seat in my car. I'm going into my 6th month with no changes. Eventually, I am going to have to be allowed to live a normal life. Dave said he wanted me to wait until Spring - but I think that's kind of insane to have me wait that long. His logic is to wait until the winter is over and avoid the snow. But, just because it's winter months doesn't mean automatically there is snow everywhere. 

Signing off. That conversation juat frustrates the hell out of me.

Monday, August 31, 2015

I'm late on posting this...


It's been 13 weeks and 5 days with no seizures, petite seizures, flashes, etc. I can't say headaches/migraine because believe it or not, I actually was back in the hospital about 2 weeks ago - for 2 days!
It actually was nothing neurologically-related (which is great), but I was hospitalized with viral meningitis! This seriously would only happen to me. 

I woke up at 3am with a horrendous migraine. No flashes, but I couldn't see. I couldn't focus my eyes and it was the most unbearable pain I've ever had. Dave got me my migraine medication and it took the edge off just enough for me to fall asleep. When my alarm went off, I could barely function, but I was determined to get to work (I actually started a new job at the end of July and I was only two weeks into my new job).  Regardless of whether or not I could see. Ha.

My new boss is amazing. He saw me and immediately said to me, "I can see it in your face. You've got a migraine. Go home." I had 2 calls and a training I was supposed to be on hat day, so I wanted to make it through the first call before going home. ...I didn't. I made it about 45 minutes at work before throwing in the towel and going home.

After sleeping until 3pm, I attempted to eat something. I couldn't lift my head off the kitchen table while I was trying to force the food into my mouth. It really was so much pain. I still really couldn't see, either. Dave was messaging with my neurologist (our hospital has basically a texting system for the doctors) and they gave a few suggestions but said if it didn't get better to go to the hospital. We ended up going. I not only had this headache, but a fever (101.9) and a stiff neck - the symptoms of meningitis. 

Once they determined that I had meningitis (via spinal tap. Awesome), I was admitted. They ran a bunch of blood work to figure of what kind because it can be caused by several different things. The most common for it is herpes, enterovirus (basically the worst common cold ever) and Lyme disease. It was determined that mine was caused by enterovirus, which happens to basically 1 in 10,000 people. So of course it's me. Lol. As the doctor said, "it's just very shitty luck."

The treatment for viral meningitis is basically pain management and waiting it out. The reason they kept me in hospital for two days is because they were waiting for my fever to break and seizures can be a side effect of viral meningitis, so they just wanted to make sure that I was getting better, not worse.

As much as this sucked, I'm relieved with this. It wasn't neurological. It would've happened regardless or not I had epilepsy. My medication is still working and now I'm 3.5 months out with no problems. I only had a headache for 3-4 days after I left the hospital and felt a little nauseous and sore from the spinal tap.

I don't need to ever do that again. But again, it wasn't neurological and I'm totally thankful for that.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

8 weeks!

Today is officially 8 weeks since my seizure and I'm seizure-free. Other than the fact that my allergies are out of control (thanks, Lehigh Valley), I feel great. Still no flashes, headaches, seizures, microseizures, etc. No sign of them either *knocks on wood*

I'm still feeling really good about the plan we have in place. Once we reach 12 weeks (which is August 19), I'll feel like I can exhale. Every day that goes by though, I know that we made to right decision. I'm one day closer to having a normal life, again. 

The first week of November, I'm going to start driving with Colin and being able to stay home with him. I don't want to continue to be babysat when I am fully capable of taking care of my own child. So, I have 101 days until that happens. I probably will start a countdown on each post to November 1, as well. I wanted to make sure that I was driving with before the weather started to get bad. That way I'm not driving with a toddler for the first time - and there's ice on the ground.

Here's to the next 4 weeks!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Update - 25mg of Zonegran

Yesterday was 6 weeks since my seizures and I have officially been on the 25mg of Zonegran for 10 days.

So far, still no auras, headaches or seizures *knocks on all the wood I can find* I feel good. We are currently on vacation and for the most part, I've resumed normal life. Which feels awesome. Every day The goes by,  I'm starting to worry less and not anticipate the worst coming. But, I also am taking much better care of myself. I can't stress enough how much that has made a difference in how I feel not just physically, but mentally. 

Also, we got Colin's hair cut for the first time. Mommy cried pretty hard. Haha! I miss his baby curls but he looks cute. 

He's getting so big! 17.5 months old already! 

Monday, June 22, 2015


Just checking in to let everyone know how the weaning process of the Zonegran is going.

I'm now down to 50mg of Zonegran 2x/day. My original dose in the beginning was 150mg.

So far, no auras, no headaches, no microseizures or actual seizures and Wednesday will be 4 weeks since my seizures. I probably will check in every 4 weeks I'm seizure-free for 6 months and then again at the one-year mark to celebrate :)

I feel like we have a good plan in place.

I'll let you know how I do on just the 25mg of Zonegran once I wean down and have been on it a week. We are now only using it for migraine management.